Tuesday, January 12, 2021

An Elf Spinning Out of Control

 It is a couple of weeks after Christmas, yet here I am watching another Christmas movie. Fred Clause. I've never seen it before. It came out in 2007. It stars Vince Vaughn and Paul Giamatti. It's a cute movie with a message of course.

When Fred Clause first arrives at the North Pole and Santa's village, you see the beautiful little town all lit up, snow, Christmas trees and oodles of elves dressed in green suits and pointy shoes. Man, does that bring back some memories!

When I was in the 4th or 5th grade at B.B. Harris Elementary School in Duluth, Georgia, we the students were to put on a Christmas play. We practiced our lines (those that had lines) and we practiced our songs, (O'Christmas Tree comes to mind) and we practiced our "dance". The dance consisted of us elves twirling and running around the perimeter of the whole "set" area.

Several weeks before the play, teacher asked for all the elves to bring in a plain white pillow case and white tights, which she died a Christmas shade of green. We added belts and hats (probably made from felt) and there we were, cute little elves!

The night of the play, I was dropped off in front of the school. No, my parents didn't go park the car. They went back home or someplace. My mother never attended anything like this. Looking back, I am quite amazed I was allowed to be a part of plays, choirs, etc. But I was allowed, I just never had a parent - or anyone - to watch me. Or watch over me. I think now how that probably wouldn't even be an option...dropping a 9 or 10 year old child off in front of the school to find herself into the building and to the right place inside the building. But hey, it was 1970. Times were different.

But anyways! The show must go on! And it did. Our play went along as planned and we were cute. We sang and we danced. Well, as luck (or fate) would have it, THIS elf was running and twirling and at one point this twirling elf must have hit the glossy wooden floor just right, because I spun out! Yep! Just like a car on an icy highway! I hit the floor and slid and twirled and finally came to a rest just outside the path of all the other elves who came after me. If I had been on ice, it would have melted from the heat coming off my red cheeks. I was so embarrassed. A parent (not mine, of course) asked me if I were ok. I said yes and got up and joined the overly joyous elf parade again, but with much less enthusiasm and much trepidation.

My children have been in quite a few plays, choirs, sports, and other activities over the years. And I am grateful to say a parent (mostly me) has attended at least 98% of them. 


No photo description available. My own drawing.

Monday, January 11, 2021



 It was the fall of 1987. Me and a friend decided to go out for drinks at a bar near my office. I had been single now for five + years. The bar was just a small place on Beaver Ruin Rd in Norcross. There was music and dancing and I think most of the people there were regulars. It wasn't crowded and seemed the people there knew each other.

We met a guy, nice enough, sitting at the bar. He had a camera. (No cell phones back then!)  Did we take pictures? I don't remember. I remember he went to the restroom and said, will you hold my camera? I guess that was a way of getting us to stay until he returned. Not long after that we did duck out though.

But somehow, he ended up calling me. We exchanged numbers??? He called me at work, so maybe I gave him my number at work or I told him where I worked and he called and they patched him through to me. I don't know. But he called and asked if I would like to go out to eat and see a movie. I was single, he seemed okay, so I said yes.

I don't recall where we ate. But I know we went by his house and I went as far as the entrance to his house. His house was very neat and he made a point to talk about all the antiques he had in his home and how he loved antiques.

Being at the movies with him was ok. He was nice and polite. I actually had a good time because of the movie.

The movie was Moonstruck. Starring Cher and Nicholas Cage. I was only 27 but for some reason I connected with Cher's character. She was a sad figure. Older than she should have been. Brooding. But sassy. And why do girls like those moody, nasty boys???? Nicholas cage was a jerk in this movie. But you know...it got romantic. A girl likes those romantic movies! But it was also funny and I enjoyed just laughing.

In the next few days I think I heard from John once. He called me at work again. I guess maybe I was a little cool towards him. Like, he may have asked me out again and I said maybe. Well, in the next day or so there was a call on a random phone line we had in our office. Like in a cubicle no one sat in. I answered the call and a person asked me if I were the girl who went out with John last week. Yes. Well, this person proceeded to tell me he was gay. Okay.

Well, at this point in my life I didn't have a ton of experience with gay people. The person on the phone said didn't he show you all his antiques? I was a bit naive and didn't know what that had to do with anything. But I didn't think I should go out with him again. If he were gay what in the world was he doing asking me out?

Things to ponder. Hmmmmmmmm.

But dang! I loved that movie. It is still to this day one of my all time favorite movies! And has one of my most memorable scenes...where she slaps his face and says "Snap outofit!"


 Moonstruck - Wikipedia

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Goodbye 2015! Hello New Year!

Goodbye 2015! Hello New Year!

Wow! It has been a whole year since I last wrote on this blog! Where has the time gone? It has definitely been an eventful year. As always, some were really good things, some were really...not so good!

January:  My mama turned 77. My 'adopted daughter' Grace turned 25. I went with "man friend", Lindon, to see Georgia's Little Grand Canyon (beautiful!). Great uncle Thomas Junior Knight passed away.

February:  Amber and Chris celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary. Chris turned 38. We got our first 'ice' of the year in Metro Atlanta.

March:  Greyson turned 4; we celebrated with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party at the park in Auburn. I turned 54. Jess turned 25. And I bought a house!

April:  I usually go south for Easter, to spend with my daughter, Amber, and her family at 'Aunt Joy's' house, but this Easter I was moving into my new home. Thankfully, all my reliable family and friends swooped in and moved me in one day! A slip down the back steps of the porch really put a cramp in my rear, literally. I am very lucky I didn't break something that day. I still have residual pain from that fall.

May:  This was an eye opening month. After much thought about signals my body was giving me, I went to the doctor for a stress test. I failed it miserably. My stress test was on a Thursday, the following Monday I was getting a heart cath and received a stent to open a almost totally blocked artery. Was out of work for one week. The doctor told me I was basically a heart attack waiting to happen. I have been dealing with high blood pressure and terribly high cholesterol for several years. But continuing pain in my shoulder and arm, shortness of breath, lack of energy, and tingling/cold fingers pushed me to get the stress test I'd been putting off for a very long time.

A couple of weeks after my surgery, I went on a hike with Lindon at a park in Panola Mountain and Arabia Mountain. It was an interesting place to visit and walk, but felt like I over did it some. I could definitely feel the winds of change coming at this time too.

June:  I went on vacation with Amber and Chris and the boys to St. Simon's Island. Again, this was with Chris' job and is a blessing for me, for without it I would not have had a true vacation this year. We really enjoyed the beach, exploring the little town, eating at all different places for dinner. and just relaxing.

Upon returning from vacation, I knew it was time to end one chapter of my life, and that was with my relationship with my male friend. One of the last things my ex-husband said to me, was that I always expected him to be perfect, and he couldn't be perfect. I never felt I expected that. I do, however, hold people, especially those I am in a relationship with, to high standards. And if that person can't live up those, then I am sorry, but I can't stoop. And that is all I have to say about that.

July:  I truly cannot recall anything notable happening in the month of July. Except, I got a molar pulled. Ugh. I went to the dentist with horrendous tooth pain and thought I would be getting a root canal. But the tooth cracked half in two and had to be removed. I know this isn't much to some people, but to me it was very traumatic!

August:  Abel's birthday is not until September, but we celebrated a little early at the end of August, with a Minion Party at my house! Greyson started Kindergarten. Amber is homeschooling him with My Father's World program. He is doing great, and so is Abel, as he can do a lot of the lessons also!
September: Abel turned 3!!!! And this month started the year's Wedding season for me...first, there were two Bridal showers, one for Grace, one for cousin Alicia. Then, the end of the month brought my step-sister Cathy's wedding. Bonus: Got to see a cousin and Aunt at that wedding that I rarely get to see!

October:  It was time for more weddings! First, Grace and Nick got married in a barn out in Covington. It was rustic and plain old fun! It was Abel and Greyson's first wedding, and we were a bit nervous, but they were good boys. And they enjoyed kicking up their heels on the dancefloor.

Then, cousin Alicia and her honey, Matt, were married right here in Winder, at the Community Center. They transformed the place into a cool 50's cafe complete with old vinyl records! It was so much fun dressing up in retro clothes and dancing and being with family!

I had a little Halloween fun...dressing up like a 60's Hippy Chick. My grandsons were the cutest little Pirates you ever did see!

November:  I spent Thanksgiving with my daughter, Amber, and her family down south. We were once again invited to Chris' cousin's house and we were surrounded by the big, loving, family and tons of delicious food!

December:  This month is always busy! The first Saturday of December is Granny's Girls Christmas Party, it was lots of fun as we wore our PJ's and had breakfast for dinner! I took a trip to the North Georgia Mountains with Amber, Chris and the boys. We hiked up to see Anna Ruby Falls. It was breathtaking!  Then we celebrated my extended family Christmas at my brother, Bo's, house. We did Santa at my house for my Grandsons and then, to throw us for a curve ball for Christmas, my daughter, Amber, has to get her gallbladder out the day before Christmas Eve! She did great and I spent Christmas at their house.

All and all, this has been a pretty good year! My daughter, Jessica, announced she was starting a new job in January. Greyson has had a great year in school so far (and Abel is learning too!). I am in better health, mentally and physically. I can't wait to see what 2016 brings for all of us!

Warriors in the Making

Great Warriors

My grandsons...are boys. All boy.

They like snakes. They like lizards. Worms. Dogs. Chickens. Dirt. Mud holes.

They enjoy turning over rocks and finding slugs, bugs and other 'icky' stuff.

Climbing trees, sitting for hours in deer stands, riding bikes, chasing dogs and each other are fun activities for them.

They may or may not enjoy fighting, but either way, they do a lot of it. And they are small, they cry when they get hurt. But before the tears there are raised voices, gnashing of teeth, balled up fists, punches, scratches, hair pulling, kicking. Then come the tears.

My heart lurches when I get a message from my daughter...now don't get excited Mama...with that lead in, I know its going to be pretty serious. (A deer stand fell on Greyson's head...we are at the Emergency Room.)

I have to steal my nerves when my son-in-law posts a picture of the latest battle scar. (A smiling Greyson with a huge road rash on his forehead...the results of doing 'tricks' on his scooter.)

I grit my teeth and squinch up my eyes when I hear my daughter describe how she picks ticks off the boys...including off their privates. Just the other night, Abel woke Amber up during the middle of the night saying he needed to 'check his pee-pee'. Sure enough, there was a huge tick on his private area. So at 2:00 a.m. she was pulling a fat tick off. AAAGGGHHHH!!!!

My grandsons...are boys. All boy. And boys will be boys.

At a funeral this week, the preacher described the gentleman who had passed as a great husband, father, and grandfather. Such a great grandfather was he, that he often took his small grandson hunting. And not just any old hunting, but bear hunting!!!! I was astonished, shocked and awe-struck!

And then the preacher went on to say that the man's wife, the grandmother to this boy, was a good cook. She HAD to be a good cook, because she had to cook up bear! (I am sitting there with my mouth hanging open!) He stated that she had served up many a bear lunch or supper...sometimes just in the form of a peanut butter sandwich, but "bear", none-the-less!

The preacher's point was that this grandfather was very good with this rambunctious little boy. Boys will be boys. He stated that boys NEED to be boys...with all the energy, roughness, excitement, fights, and hair-raising things that boys do, because without all this...how can they grow up to be Great Warriors in life?

So now on, I will encourage my grandsons to catch bugs, lizards, worms, and fish. I won't complain if they track in dirt, leaves, sticks and other debris. I'll try not to stroke out when I get that call...Greyson bumped his head on (insert object here)....Abel has another tick on his (insert body part here).....We are on our way to the E.R....well, THAT one will always get me stressed out!

I will encourage these 'bitty boys' to grow up fearless of creatures found under rocks, of nerf bullets being shot at their face by their brother, to be a 'big boy' when their cousin accidentally whacks him in the face with a shovel while they are digging to China. Great Warriors endure things like this on a daily basis.

My last visit to see these little rascals found me having to go into the darkened hallway to switch on lights for the smallest of the two to go find a toy in his bedroom. Hey! I guess even Great Warriors can be afraid of the dark!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Loneliness...its real.

The weeks leading up to Christmas, I saw several posts about how the holidays are not happy for everyone. That for some, the holidays bring sadness, loneliness, feelings of helplessness and despair.

It is true.

And this year is not the first time I felt those things.

Way back when I was 22 years old, I was a newly divorced young woman, with a 1 year old daughter, facing my first Christmas as a single mother.

My marriage to my child's father was short lived. After three years of things not going the way I wanted or needed them to, I gave up on the union. There I was. A new mother, working part time, getting $50.00 a week child support, and facing Christmas 'alone'. It was rough. I was scared. Scared to be in our home alone with doors that wouldn't lock. Scared because I didn't make much money, and $50.00 didn't even pay for childcare. Scared because sometimes, I didn't know where the next meal would come from or if I could pay for propane for heat, what less Christmas gifts.

And then there was the loneliness.

I made it through for the next 6 Christmas' alone also.  I had my daughter. And each year, I found a way to buy her gifts, and to have enough food. Enough heat. Enough spirit to celebrate Christmas and a baby who was born to save us. We certainly had plenty of love and smiles and laughter. But as the only adult, I did  feel lonely during the holidays. And despaired. Hopeless. It was a struggle, but I wanted my child to feel secure and 'normal', so I hid these things the best I could. So really, no one knew.

Then I met my 2nd husband.

He brought stability. Both emotional and financial. We got married. We had a child together, now there were two daughters. We made traditions as we went along. Some we kept year after year. Some were forgotten after the first year or two. But Christmas was . . . Warm. Safe. Love. Happiness. Fullness. Home.

After 22 years...it changed.

The few months leading up to our last Christmas together was...Cold. Quiet. Angry. Sad. Empty. Lonely.

After getting through that last Christmas, it was done.

What would the next Christmas be like? I moved to a much smaller and older home after the divorce. What I could afford. Would my kids like it? Would my grand kids want to come here? I didn't put up many decorations. Only a small tree and a few things here and there. My heart wasn't in it.I missed my home of 20 years...the house me and my husband had picked out together. It felt like I had moved my body and stuff here, but my soul was still back at my home there. Maybe it was wandering around that house, looking for me. Looking for my daughters. My grandsons. Listening for the laughter.

Luckily, after expressing my fear that they wouldn't like this new place, my daughter said, 'where ever you are mama, that is home to us'. And I realized, that where ever I was, and my loved ones come to me, that can be home to me too.

I bought a house over a year ago. Its not as big or as nice as the home I had, but its becoming home more and more with each passing month. The grand kids are growing and making memories here. My daughters come and spend a few nights here and there. My oldest daughter, the one with the boys, comes more often. My youngest daughter comes with her dog, and can sleep in peace I suppose. (She lived with me right after the divorce, and slept in the next room. I know many nights she heard my wails as my heart broke and knitted back a little, then broke again.)

I won't lie and say I don't miss my old life, my old home, my old Christmases. And after the kids go home, Christmas can still be a bit lonely.

So yes, when you see those Facebook posts about praying for those who will be hurting at Christmas, do pray. The sadness and loneliness is real. And it may effect someone you never would have dreamed would feel that way.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Like Prairie Dogs

October 17, 2016

I have not written a story in a very long time. This one is a true story...

     Many, many, many years ago (about 32 to be exact), I was having a meal at Steak n' Shake with a man that I was dating at the time.

     I had a steakburger and fries. As you probably know, SnS has very skinny fries. While eating them, I had one go down my throat, unchewed, where it got stuck half way down and half way up.

     When I realized I had a fry stuck in my throat, I popped up. Like a prairie dog. I was still sitting inside the booth. You know, those booths where the seat is bolted to the floor and you can't slide the seat forward or back? But back then, I was a little tiny skinny thing and I could stand almost straight up inside the booth. And I popped up.

     The fry moved a bit and I sat back down. But as soon as I sat down, it felt stuck again. And I was having a hard time breathing around it! So... I popped back up!

     At this time, my dining companion asked, "What the ^&%$ are you doing?" Finally, that fry went on down and I could breath! So I sat back down. I explained I was choking on a fry. "Well don't do that. You are embarrassing me!" He replied. (!!!!!!!)

     Fast forward about 22 years or so.

     My husband had a pair of shorts that me and my daughter affectionately (sort of) called Dicky Dukes. They are the male version of Daisy Dukes. They were cut off blue jeans with the frazzled edges. Each time they were washed, more of the frazzled edges would frazzle and they became shorter and shorter and more and more embarrassing.

     Much to mine and daughter's horror, he wore them to the movies with us one night.

     This daughter is one who is not one to draw attention to herself, and sometimes might be called just plain shy. She would rarely do anything that would make herself stand out in a crowd or cause her embarrassment.

     But her Dad wore the Dicky Dukes to the movies that night.

     Our movie had not started yet. In fact, we were a bit early and was forced to sit in the lobby while the previous showing finished up and the theater employees cleaned up a bit.

     Several young girls stood nearby where she and I sat. Dad was standing close by. In his Dicky Dukes.

     The young girls took notice of this nearly white headed man in his fifties wearing frazzled cut off blue jeans that showed way more thigh then his wife and teenage daughter wanted to see even around the house, what less out in public. They at once started bending over and whispering in each other's ears, giggling and pointing.

     Daughter popped straight up off that bench. Like a prairie dog.

     I looked up. Way up, because she is tall. And I saw the fire in her eyes and the tightness in her jaw. I looked at her and I looked at the girls. She thought twice and sat down. But the girls pointed and giggled again. And she popped up. Again.

     "Don't do it!" I hissed to daughter. "But they are making fun of my dad!" she exclaimed. "Let it go!" I urged. "But it's my dad!" She hissed back at me.

     I think the girls realized they were barking up a very tall tree, and they moved on. Thank God! Because I was beginning to get embarrassed! And he, of course, was oblivious to all this going on.

    After the movie, we scurried on to the car, dragging dad with us,  trying to avoid any more run ins with judgemental teeny-boppers and anyone else who might find humor in dad's attire. For the most part, he was never none the wiser.

    Daughter and I discussed it later, and she said she really wanted to tell those girls off. But I told her I was quite sure if he were not her dad, and she saw a man in his fifties with greying hair and frazzled edge cut off blue jean shorts that went way up to there, she would probably giggle and point with her girlfriends too.

    And she agreed.



Friday, February 20, 2015

The Granny Newsletter

The Granny Newsletter...From January, 2005.

Text Box:  The Granny Newsletter
 January 2005  Happy New Year!     Issue #14

The Granny Update

Hi Everyone,
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and has a Happy New Year!  Granny is doing good these days.  Stacy (Moon-Richardson) attended Granny’s CarePlan meeting at Winder Rehab with me on Tuesday, Dec. 28th. They said that Granny is doing really well. This time we agree.  Granny does seem to be doing quiet well right now. She has not been sick except for a little bit of runny nose from allergies.  She has lost one pound recently, and is currently at 101 lbs.  They have moved Granny from the ‘Prompting Table’ at mealtimes, to a ‘Feeding Table’. This means there is a person assisting Granny in eating instead of just ‘prompting’ her to eat on her own. They said they had noticed Granny is eating less and less on her own. Sometimes she just forgets what the fork and spoon is for. And sometimes she just has a hard time picking up the food with her fingers.  When me, Bo, Fay & Cody visited her on Christmas Day, she was using a spoon to eat.  So I guess sometimes she still can do it herself.  Granny is still getting ice cream with almost every meal, Carnation Instant drink three times a day, and a calcium supplement. She also gets Tylenol three times a day for arthritis pain (she gets it crushed up in applesauce).  She gets Zantac once a day for heartburn, and a pill to help with sleep about once every other night.  She also gets robitussin and milk of magnesia as needed.  She also has that ‘sitting sore’ as we call it, (instead of a bed sore) on her bottom, and they put something called Xanoderm (sp?) on it.  Compared to a lot of people her age (and younger), she is not on a lot of medications at all.  Granny can still be ‘walked’ with assistance some days.  She has received a new wheelchair with big bars that come out in the front and back to prevent her from tipping herself forward or backward.  She still loves to ‘ride’ up and down the halls and hold her baby.  I think Granny had a very good Christmas.  She got a new sweat suit from one of the head nurses, a sweat suit from Secret Santa and several other new articles of clothing from different family members. She got a new lap throw & candy from Mary & Hollis and a new quilt from Michelle & Shane & boys. She got new PJ’s from Debbie and a new robe from Carolyn (Little Bit).   She got one of the goody-bag (fruit, candy, cookies & other stuff) that Mama (Kathleen) and her friend Debbie Helton put together for all the residents on the bottom floor.  Especially thrilled to get one of the baskets was Grady, the only male resident on Granny’s floor. He was so excited about a sock-cap in his goody-bag.  He still had it on Christmas Day when I saw him in the cafeteria.  It’s amazing what can bring a smile to their face…things we take for granted!  Granny also got some cash donations for her account to help pay for her out of pocket expenses….thanks to Patsy, Bob & Fay, Dorsey & Pauline, and one anonymous giver, for the donations.  She may have got more stuff that I don’t know about! 

Reminiscing With Granny
By Carolyn Chapple

At the dawn of each New Year, most people start thinking about what they can do in the upcoming year that will improve their lives.  New Year’s Celebrations originated some 4,000 years ago in Babylon, where as in the Western world it has probably been celebrated for about 400 years.  Some common New Year Resolutions these days are to lose weight, quit smoking, find a new job, find a new love interest, make more money, etc. The Babylonians resolved to return all borrowed farm equipment.  The Tournament of Roses Parade began in 1886 when folks decorated their carriages with flowers to celebrate the ripening of oranges in California.  In 1902, the first Rose Bowl game was played (football).  These are all traditions we still follow today.  Almost every New Year’s Eve finds me dreaming of paying off a credit card or other bill…it usually doesn’t happen, but each New Year’s Eve I find myself thinking about the same thing.  I remember Granny talking about what to do and not do on New Year’s Day.  She believed that whatever you did on New Year’s Day, you would do LOTS of that same thing through out the New Year.  Therefore, she didn’t do laundry.  I guess she hated doing laundry as much as the rest of us!  She believed, like people all over the world, that certain things you eat on New Year’s Day could bring you good luck.  Black-eyed peas bring you wealth, and hog-jowls or ham bring prosperity, and cabbage or collard greens represent paper money.  Other countries believe eating something ‘round’, such as donuts symbolizes ‘coming full circle’, and others believe eating rice brings good luck.  Granny usually had some black-eye peas with ham & collard greens simmering on the stove on New Year’s Day.  Another New Year’s tradition all over the world is to sing the song, “Auld Lang Syne”.  This song was written by Robert Burns in the 1700’s, and became more popular around the early 1800’s.  The title of the song means literally, “old long ago” or “the good old days”.  This song is fitting for New Year’s Day as we remember the past year and the happiness and sadness it has brought.  We have lost family members and friends, should they be forgotten?  Read the words to this song and remember the ‘good old days’ with Granny and Papa, and family members and good friends who have gone before us, and in the new year take the hand of a loved one, or friend, and share a cup of kindness.  May you all be blessed with a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

Auld Lang Syne

Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and days of auld lang syne?
For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
we'll take a cup of kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and days of auld lang syne?
And here's a hand, my trusty friend
And gie's a hand o' thine
We'll tak' a cup o' kindness yet
For auld lang syne

Prayer List
Jeff Glass – Continued prayers for health – started Chemo in early December, has gained some weight back.
Tracey Glass – brain tumor & treatment for it
Andy Knight – motorcycle wreck in early December…broke 3 vertebrae
Helen Knight – continued chemo treatments
Hollis Mahaffey – diagnosed with diverticulosis & getting a biopsy on a mass on lower rib
Mary Mahaffey-spine problems, causing leg pain
Tyler Barrett (Michelle’s son) – Surgery on Eardrums 12/15
Paula Knight Barrett – tests for Sleep Apnea
Bob & Carolyn and their families  = Daddy (Robert Hutchins) died 12/16 (Thanks for all your kind words & cards during this time)
Libby Hunter (Granny’s friend) – Health Problems
Randal Helton’s Mother – Health Problems

Amber-was granted an internship with Gwinnett County – in the Juvenile Probation Division. Starts Jan. 24.
Todd Davidson – Still Tobacco Free
Cody Hutchins – gained a few pounds back!
Larry Knight – tests show blockage in neck improved

Gayle & Mike Grooms have a new Granddaughter…Samantha Elizabeth, born Dec. 27!
(Parents: Michael & Jodi Grooms)
Birthdays & Special Dates to Remember for January, February & March:
Heather Mosley – Jan 4
Pearl Black – Jan 5
Danny (Dee) Knight – Jan 13, 1980
Lucas Bennett – Jan 19
Kathleen Trusty – Jan 22, 1938
Regina Knight – Jan 22, 1949 (deceased)
Barbara Knight – Jan 29, 1940 (deceased)
Hugh Dorsey Knight (infant son of Cassie & Belvie Knight) Feb 7, 1940 (deceased)
Jean Knight – Feb 13,1998
Teresa Mosley – Feb 16, 1973
Stacy Moon-Richardson – Feb 20, 1971
Belvie Knight – Feb 23, 1915 (deceased)
Christopher Friend – Feb 27, 1992
David Knight – Mar 2, 1963 (deceased)
Timothy Bennett – Mar 3, 1978
Scott Richardson – Mar 9, 1971
Jimmy Knight – Mar 11, 1985
Elaine Knight – Mar 14, 2000
Carolyn Chapple – Mar 17, 1961
Billy Manis – Mar 18, 1992
Rodney Mosley – Mar 18
Jessica Chapple – Mar 27, 1990
Gayle Grooms – Mar 27
Edward Trusty – Mar 28, 1946
Sharon Friend – Mar 28, 1969
Nikki Mahaffey – Mar 31, 1987
Tara Grooms – Mar 31, 1990
Please note:  I still don’t have birth dates for the following people:  Grant  & Zoe Knight, Willis Manis, Stephanie Moon, Shane Smith & Linda (Larry’s  girlfriend)

Judy, Phyllis and Fay joined me on Wednesday, December 8th At Winder Rehab to help with the Christmas Store for the Residents. We had a lot of fun setting up the store, helping residents shop, and wrapping their gifts for them.  They enjoyed shopping for themselves and their loved ones so much.  Sweaters and Sweatshirts went fast…and so did stuffed animals and dolls!  I think we all got a lot of personal satisfaction just helping out with the ‘old folks’.  Thanks to everyone who was able to donate merchandise or gift-wrapping supplies! (see photo page)
Christmas Party for Residents & Family/Friends
On Saturday, Dec. 4, a small group of us got together and had lunch with Granny at the nursing home. (Included me, Judy, Jessica, Michael, Nicholas, Benjamin & his friend). The home provided lots of good food – buffet style…boiled shrimp, chicken fingers, spinach dip, finger sandwiches and desserts galore!  And some very good punch!  Granny enjoyed us all being there. We went to the front lobby and watched the birds for a while and visited with her. 
Beginning with this issue, I am only going to be sending out a newsletter once every 3 months, and then a Christmas Issue:  The next one will be in April, then July and October and then the Christmas Issue.
Please mail any cards or notes to Granny to: Winder Healthcare & Rehab Center/P.O. Box 588/Winder, Georgia 30680
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