Saturday, February 18, 2012

Expecting Again!

I am proud to daughter, Amber,  is expecting baby #2!!! That means grandbaby #2 for me!!!! As of tomorrow, she will be 11 weeks along in her pregnancy. That means the baby looks something like this...

Look at me Mommy! I am swimming in your tummy!

This also means Greyson is going to be a big brother! I can hardly wait to find out if he will have a baby brother or baby sister! It doesn't matter which it is, we can only hope and pray it is healthy. No matter, I have already started buying little things that can be used by either boy or girl. 

Today I found the cutest little bibs made from wash cloths and ribbon! The wash cloth is folded in half to form a triangle, then a ribbon is sewn along the fold with the ribbon extending beyond the cloth on each side to form ties. Too cute and will be so absorbent! I looked on Google, didn't see anything like them. I will take pics as soon as they come out of the wash to show you what they look like. The ones I found are made from solid color wash cloths. They would be really cute made from some of the cuter, patterned cloths you can find these days! 

New baby is expected to arrive early September. Amber has been experiencing a good deal of nausea, along with other typical pregnancy symptoms. You can't really tell that she is pregnant right now. But I know soon, we will see that baby bump come out!

Hmmm...did I hear Mommy say she's expecting another baby???

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